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October 18, 2009


  • Mood: Tired
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It's been a long time since I didn't write any news here.
So it's time to write tonight.

A big storm came in my family life two weeks ago...
I learnt my mother has a large cell lymphoma. A cancer in the lymphatic system, caused only by a virus. She was really tired since six months with pain in throat, stomach, and back.
She's at the hospital since 1 week and half. She had done a lot of exams, radio, scanner, echography...blood tests, biopsy.
She's so tired, but she keep positive and can't wait to start the cure !! She smile and we are with her everyday at the hospital, my brother and I.
Tomorrow the doc gonna put near her collarbone the port-a-cath, a catheter under the skin linked to a vein for the chemotherapy. The cure will be fast : 6-8 months.

I only hope my mom will come back at home as soon as possible !

My bro and I never thought we'll have to go through this. We always think it happens to others, not to your family.
Now we can understand all the people caring of their ill parents / children.

I'm tired now, gonna eat ;)

Take care all of you of your health !
Be serious with it ! You never know, your illness could hide something bigger.


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oOFlorianeOo Oct 22, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh la la... j'espère que ça va s'arranger. En tous cas je souhaite à ta maman tout le courage dont elle a besoin. Et je vous souhaite aussi à toi et à ton frère beaucoup de patience et de courage. Que le bonheur revienne vite ;p Plein de bisous :heart:
I'm thinking positive thoughts for your mother and your family- take good care of yourselves. :hug:
Jiyong Oct 19, 2009   Digital Artist
Hé ben ! ma pauvre :(

J'espère que tout va aller pour le mieux. Bon courage pour la suite. et oui prend soin aussi de toi !
Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that :hug:
I hope your mother will be back home and healthy again soon! Good luck to you, your mother, and your family!
belituca Oct 19, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
sad news -_-UU

hope everything goes ok!hug your mom everyday, and you'll se everything will be better! and be positive always!
I'm so sorry to here this Dede.I do everything will go well with her treatment and she will be home with you soon.I will keep your mother in my thoughts. Stay strong :huggle: :heart:
zananeichan Oct 18, 2009
I wish everything of the best and hopes your mum has a recovery ((huggles)) :heart: :love: You have my wishes and thoughts much Love and huggles :heart:
Saganu Oct 18, 2009  Student Digital Artist
I hope everything goes ok, it's very important you all stay positive, specially around her.
My father went through a cancer too some years ago, i understand how you feel about the "it only happens to others" thing, it's so weird when it happens to you ._.

My best wishes to your mum and your family :hug:
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