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Submitted on
May 13, 2008


  • Mood: Agony
  • Watching: Smallville, Lost
  • Playing: Unreal Tour. 3
:sun: -- ZHAANA's JOURNAL -- :sun:

That I didn't do any picture, or didn't write a journal entry.
I'm so lazy and procrastinating for pics lately, it's so awful ! But I've maybe my muse back, and I'm gonna try to start over a pic I lost in my HD crash.

Otherwise, nothing new to say.
Lately, I'm playing to Guild Wars with my family. It's fun, god I wished that LOTR online has the same system for paiement ! (no month bill is so good)

And about sitcoms , I recently watched Kyle XY season 2, it's so childish oh my god and I don't know what scenarist are doing, but you can predict the end of each episodes ! I don't even know if I'll watch the the whole third season in Jan 09 if it doesn't start to be really interesting. In the meantime, I'm looking for impatiently to see the end of Smallville and next season of Heroes. Lost is also nice this season, but we don't know a lot about that mysterious-black-electrical-killer-shape ! Otherwise, I watch the Tenth season of Friends (it's hilarious, I had never watched this serie before so I discover everything ^^)

Did anyone bought the new Tolkien book yet ? "Children of Hurin"... is it really good ? I'm planning to buy it on amazon.

Hope you're doing well everybody !

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:star::star::star-empty: Yavanna (hiatus mode)
:star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: A girl in a futuristic city pic (have to redone it since I lost the file )
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Those who get the permission still have it, don't worry about that.
Thanks for understanding that point.

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about the LOTR book, my friend says that's the same thing as the Silmarillion, not as in "like it" but the same thing, that it was like a bunch of short stories packed in one book, with very little "new" things on it.. not sure, if it's true, the Silmarillion makes me sleepy, so I never finished it XD

I've been watching Heroes 2nd season lately :D

and I'm on the 7th or 8th year of friends, I dont remember which one, but they always make me laugh XD
marthig May 16, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there Zhaana !
Good that you are getting back -sort of- your "muse" and maybe we will get some more of those beautiful works you used to regale us with.
Cheer up !! :hug: :blowkiss:
Jiyong May 16, 2008   Digital Artist
C'est sympas d'avoir un peu de tes news cher dédé :)
zananeichan May 15, 2008
(((hugs))) nothing worse than a HD failure :-/ maybe motherboard since it costs more, but then your data will be safe..Never played online games.. especialy with Telkom's internet bandwidth scheme.. and have not read the book :-(
But i was wondering what happned to ya (((hugs))
Krezmo May 15, 2008   Photographer
Hey Dede, great to hear from you, from what seems like an eternity.

Hope you plan on getting some more fantastic works posted soon.

How are things? I hope you are well! :cuddle:
Kyntio May 13, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi Zhaana, good to hear you're alright! I've been watching Smallville and Lost and I look forward to the next Heroes season but I didn't like season 3 so much.

Lost has really picked up again though.

Hope to see some new pics from you soon! :)
Such a nice surprise to hear from you Dede,been wondering where you had vanished too.
Looking forward to seeing you post again :heart:
giadrosich May 13, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Ha! Guild Wars rocks! I've been playing for a little over a year, and love the system. I started playing because it was free every month after one bought the game, but now I love it!

Which one do you have (1st: Prophecies, 2nd: Factions, or 3rd: Nightfall)?

Good to hear from you, Dede!

Zhaana May 13, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes it's a nice game.
I just have prophecies, it's been a month I'm playing I'm already at level 20 and in the desert.
Oh and I got it free cause my cousin bought a set of headphones and he got another prophecie game so they're going to give it to me (atm I'm borrowing one of their account they don't use). I can't wait to have it so I'll try other professions. My cousin also told me Nightfall and Eye of the north are the best, but I don't know if I'll buy them.
Because I'm looking forward the release of Mass Effect (:wow: by the way) and the Lego Indiana Jones, I think I'm gonna play more those games than GW for a while.
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